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From: Java Biscuit
Subject: Free to Good Home, chapter sevenThis is a futuristic fantasy involving inter generational
male/male graphic sex and it's not intended for reading
by minors. If you are underage, or this type of material
is illegal where you live, please stop now, and go read
something else!Feedback, always appreciated, to:
Free to Good Home ~ chapter sevenby Biscuit
"I need to tell you something," I said.It took me hours to get that far. preteen young boys I'd been on the verge skye preteen model
preteen nude special
saying it a million times. I had to tell Tiger the truth, or at
least some of it. Not because of what Rory had said. I didn't
believe what I'd read in the newscan had anything to do with
Tiger. But if I wanted to keep him, and I did, I couldn't keep
him from finding things out about me, about himself.After sex I thought we'd talk but we didn't. I slept. When I
woke up Tiger wanted me to eat.He'd set the table with what he referred to as our "modest
serving ware." That gave me something to smile about; my
naked serving boy turning up his nose at the dishes -- if you
could call them that. They were things I saved from foodpacks.While we ate it didn't seem right to start baring my soul and
upset him. Through the meal I stayed quiet, watching him eat
cheese squares, wondering how in the world his body digested
food, if he tasted it; feeling the gulf between what I knew about
him and how I felt. What was he, who was he, this creature I
thought I loved?Finally we'd ended up back on the bed. Home alone my work
station had been my center. With Tiger the bed was like a
magnet -- we never seemed to get away from it for long.No more sleep, no more sex, no more eating; no distractions.
I had to say something. preteen nude special When I spoke he lifted his head from
my chest, propping on his hand to look at me. His face was as
familiar to me as if I'd been looking at it for years, not hours;
the way his hair slid across his forehead, the curve of his high
cheekbones. I bbs preteen nymphet don't think I was seeing my brother anymore
when I looked at him. Tiger was already more real, Sam more
shadowy; their differences more vivid.Young as Tiger's face was, he didn't have the look or the
expressions of a teenage boy; none that I'd ever known. It's
true that teenagers shift back and forth between seeming
adult and seeming like children, but not to the extremes that
Tiger did. Sometimes his eyes were older than grown preteen girls pussy up, like
he had the wisdom of venerable old age. Other times it was
like looking in the eyes of a baby."What, Toby?" he prompted.The question hung over me, I didn't answer. I played with
his hair.Was it possible that less than 48 hours had passed since I
found him? I'd stepped off the track of my life as I knew it
the moment I did it. I'd been straying further and further
ever since.Four o'clock on a Monday afternoon -- I should have been at
work, not lying on my bed with Tiger. The strangeness of it
was as seductive as it was scary.I sifted his bangs through my fingers, stroking his forehead.
His eyes closed almost shut, like a cat being pet. His head
dipped and his body leaned into me.I'd read the newscan about Roger Davis, his obituary and
the link on the break-in. There was nothing about stolen
androids. Rory had made connections that weren't there, I
thought. But it was like being sick and finding out that my
symptoms matched a rare disease -- I wanted to dismiss it
completely, but I couldn't.I stopped stroking him, settling my hand on his shoulder.
His eyes opened."I haven't exactly told illegal preteen girl you the truth," I said, my heart beat
picking up speed.He looked at me more alertly, putting his chin on his hand as
if to say -- I'm ready."Tiger, I love you but I boys preteen porn haven't been completely honest with
you. I'm not the one who stripped your memories. I don't
know who did it. I wish I did. I wish I knew everything."I'd begun and through the silky bangs I saw his brows draw
together in a frown, but I had to keep going."I lied because I wanted you."I felt his frown on my own face, as I watched his reaction.
For me, though, the relief had already begun. Hard as my
heart was beating the feeling was different than the constricted
pulse of lying to him, like a band that had been squeezing me
was loosening up. I could breathe more freely."You love me," he said, like a soft protest; still anxious but
clinging to that like it could make the rest go away."I do," I said, putting my arms around him, but he was too
tense to be hugged."How did I get here, Toby?""I found you and I brought you home with me," I said, not
telling him how or where. I still wasn't ready for that. "When
you asked me if I was your human I said yes, because free russians preteens I wanted
it to be true. I told you those things because I wanted you to
believe you were mine.""I am! I am yours." His eyes were wide. Then he wanted to be
hugged and to hug me tight, his chest rising and falling rapidly
on pussy preteens russian mine. He pressed his face into the side of mine and I felt the
tickling sensation and sound of his breath. Then he lifted his
head again, looking frightened."Is it true you found me? Did preteen colombiam models you steal me, Toby?"Had he heard us talk in the hall?"No teen preteen pics baby, I didn't steal you."He was excited. I saw the long blinks he used to calm himself.
I was just as excited, maybe more than he was, feeling walls
come down that I'd made to protect myself, to protect him,
praying I hadn't take them down too fast. Then suddenly, his
head dropped like a rock on my chest, his body slumping limp
over me."Tiger!"He'd blacked out. Twice, in twenty-four hours. Pain like ice
stabbed my heart as I hugged his lifeless body. I was being
gripped by what I can only describe as seizure of fear -- that
he was dead or dying.I'm ashamed of the childish terror I felt, the memory that
overtook me. A toy I'd owned as a child of ten. A broken
airship of Sam's that had stopped flying long before it was
mine. It whirred mysteriously into asian boy preteen
life one night. I'd been
overjoyed for the hours it worked again, staying awake to
send it soaring through the air. By morning the power left
in its storage cells, tiny preteens cp that had burned briefly, was drained
for good.I wasn't a child, and Tiger was not a toy but it didn't stop
my fevered pussy preteens russian brain from reducing my precious time with him
to the last soaring hours of the dying ship. My throat was on
fire and I could hardly see through my tears as I laid him
down beside me with his head on the pillow.Then I thought I saw his eyelashes move. I tilted his head
to peer under them, trying to blink away my tears. His lashes
fluttered."Toby," he whispered, "I'm sleeping." And his eyes shut
completely.Sleeping ... he's sleeping. I wiped my face, tears still rolling
like they didn't know better yet. Not a machine. Not broken.
He's sleeping. For how long, I wondered, laying his head back
gently on the pillow.I'd have felt like a fool if I weren't so insanely relieved. If
he didn't look preteen nonude useste so -- gone.
Blessed be the creator.
Blessed be my human companion.
I am blessed to serve ...Trance. I'd felt its pull and resisted it, believing I could
control it. It took me. Not semi trance. I was plunged into
darkness, close to unconscious when my sensors registered
Toby's weeping. A tiny part of me resurfaced, like a moth
flying toward light. Imperative to communicate with the
companion. It was difficult to speak and I was uncertain if
I had succeeded. It was not possible to hold on to awareness.
The tiny me that had risen and spoken was drawn down again,
sinking deep into the arms of the creator where there are no
words, no thought.4.8 minutes I noted. No indication of danger. Toby was with
me. I registered his even breathing, his scent, before turning
my attention to the log of repairs.A fraction of protected memory had been restored, files
reintegrated. I understood the urgency as I examined the
fragments.Roger Davis was dead. The creator. My beloved.Rory Callahan had correctly identified him. Creator,
companion, mother, father; living God. I saw him. With
emotion controlled, I viewed a scene of my past, parting a
curtain of grief that cloaked it like a shroud. Though I swept
the emotion aside the scene was still gray with the sorrow I'd
felt then.He was sitting in his favorite chair by the window that
faced the garden. His beautiful face, lines etched deep by
age and illness, was turned toward me, not his garden. He
was looking at me with tenderness. I heard his voice."Your soul won't die," he said. "I made the physical part
of you, like human parents make children. There's nothing
to be frightened of. Your soul is your own."I moved closer to his side, to be touched. His blessed hand
was shaking but came to rest on my behind."When I'm gone ... you'll be safe with the others," he said.Others? No memory rose to the inquiry. Still hidden.Not dead. The creator lived inside me. Roger Davis had
said so to comfort me, to instruct me. Toby had said it too,
to comfort me. Blessed companion. Though he could not have
known it in the way I did now, his loving instinct to reassure
me had proved true.Blessed be.No danger.Examining sequenced events, I nymphet preteen topless identified the lapse of time
that was still hidden, between the death of my beloved and
the remedial trance, caused by unknown trauma. I understood
that Toby had found me while I was at my most helpless, most
vulnerable. He'd brought me to his home and he'd fallen in love
with me.Love at first sight. A boybot's infatuation with his owner can
be compared to this type of bonding. It's rare for humans but
I found preteen nymphets clips
ample documentation of its existence in my reference
files.I was blessed, I concluded, in a way that resembled the good
fortune of Sleeping Beauty, the fairy tale princess who woke
from her long trance to the kiss of her prince.
----------------------------------------Maybe five minutes it lasted. naturist girls preteen Long minutes. I tried not to
touch him, I didn't want to disturb him. I picked up his hand
carefully and held it, lying beside him and watching, like I
had the night I brought him home. He looked the same as
he had then and I doubted he was feeling me holding or
petting his hand. Not broken, I thought a thousand times,
sleeping.Tomorrow for sure, I planned, I'm buying him clothes.
I was convincing myself that tomorrow existed with Tiger.
Our life together would really begin -- no more lies, no
more stories, our real life, with things like clothes.I loved him naked, seeing him naked all the time. I loved
every bare inch, especially the parts that clothes would
cover, like his cock. I looked at it resting soft against his
thigh, wanting to touch it. When he wakes up, I told myself,
torn between planning for the moment his eyes opened and
the future.Clothes. And presents. The thought of spending Christmas
with Tiger was soothing. I remembered the talk with my
father, how hard it had been to say no to going to the farm.
Gazing at Tiger I felt rewarded -- but I didn't want to think
about my father, my family, how I'd explain a boybot to
them. I turned my thoughts to happy fantasies of my life
with Tiger and what a boybot might want for Christmas.By the time his eyes opened, I'd pictured him in his new
clothes and already stripped them off. I'd pictured him
sitting by a small christmas tree, a little silver one maybe,
with lights. Then I was seeing him naked on the floor by the
tree with his legs spread and his knees bent and ... damn. I
was aching for him when his eyes opened.Poor Tiger. He barely had a chance to stir before I was
kissing him. So incredibly good to feel him come alive in
my hands, his body moving, responding; his cock getting
hard and batting at my hip.I made myself stop, to pull back and look at him, thinking
I had to slow down and let him wake up -- he might want
to breathe! I didn't really understand yet, but I would, the
infinite lust of a boybot. For all preteen nude naked
that was unique about Tiger,
he shared the sexuality of his brother bots. A boybot's lust is
a fire that burns constantly under the surface. He can hide it,
suppress it, reduce it to smoldering coals, but he preteen virgins top
ignites at the
least hint of his human's desire.I did look at him. And what I saw was his mouth supple
and moist from kissing, his knees climbing to show me all
the treasures that were swelling between his legs. Tiger
was like a dream box preteens elwebbs of candy, preteen young boys
every piece in it -- my
favorite kind.I wrapped my hand around his stiff cock and pumped it
to see a spill of elixir. Then I had to lick it. I closed my
eyes and sucked, curling my fingers around the perfect
handful of his balls; everything I did earned me little
breathy moans of his pleasure. There isn't a hotter
sound in the universe.I didn't mean to torture him but I guess I did, roaming
from his sweet cock to his succulent balls to the little
round butt I was dying to fuck. His tight hole sucked at
my finger and I discovered an elixir gland, like a boybot
prostate. Tiger's cock leapt in my mouth when I found it."Toby!" he rasped at me and squeaked. His hands tangled
in my hair and then he was creaming; warm bursts of it
splashing my tongue, the roof of my mouth.I let Tiger's soft cock slip out from between my lips and
kissed the silky blond curl that was soaked with my spit
and his cum. I wanted to give him time to recover but I
needed inside him so badly and he was plump preteen picture
encouraging me, trying to get his legs hooked over my
shoulders as I sat up."Now," he said, rolling himself up like a ball under me
to get his ass lined up to my dick.I thought it was an illusion at first, that the angle his cock
was lying on his belly made it seem like he was hard again,
but it was no illusion. Still shiny with spit from me sucking
him he was almost fully erect. As much as he'd emptied in
my mouth, he was about to unleash between our stomachs.There was no recovery time for Tiger. Coming twice in quick
succession, well, that was the kind of sugarplum that danced
in a boybot's dream of Christmas.
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